August 30th, 2013

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Day the next:

Slept long and well, but up early enough to get the hotel's free breakfast. Then to the convention. We strolled over, hung out a bit in a dark grotto of our very own, and then they opened up the hall with the exhibits and the dealers. It also held the autograph table, and so I was sent on a quest to purchase some books by grrm for his first signing of the con.

Found the latest hc, and got two of the first novel in pb while forestcats was in line for another signature, and then I ran back and got her a messenger bag. The con not only didn't give out bags, but they didn't have them for sale at their sales booth...the supplier still hadn't delivered. Naughty. I found her a bag that appears to be doing the job fine.

Then for my own march around the dealers' room. So far, I've only bought five books, and some Munchkin packets that I don't recall seeing.

I've been to two panels so far. First was on Fantastic London, which was pretty good; second was about Texas Food, and wasn't as good. Still, I learned one good thing that paid off later in the day.

I joined my wife in grrm's line, and helped as he was limiting himself to two items, while the rest of the authors were offering three. Since forestcats was up to four, she needed my help, given without qualms.

After a few other signatures on quilt blocks for a future quilt, we tried to find some late lunch, early dinner. Several places failed...closed for no apparent reason, or not looking interesting enough. We ended up at Rosario's, and I had a terrific mole sauce for a chicken enchilada. Our sangria margaritas were also very nice. Finished with sopapillas; dipped in honey, they were wonderful.

Back at the convention we got back in time to catch bardiclug; he sat and chatted before his gig, and then he and the Captains of the Chess Team played rock and roll filk. Wonderful stuff.

Following that, it was time to find the Con Suite, and then up to the parties. At the Spokane in 2015 party, we had a nice time; the city sent real organizers to try to bring the convention into town. We met a scriptwriter from Burbank at his first WorldCon, and had a really nice chat.

Tapped out, we returned to our hotel room. And now to recharge for more tomorrow...
Dead Dog Cat

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I awoke at a pretty reasonable hour, sleeping until my body was ready to wake up. Soon, I was off to the convention, following in my spouse's wake. She was working the autograph tables with her quilting squares, but resting her weary feet.

I did another round of the huckster's room, finding that one booth had opened from the previous day, and this one had a variety of naval and other Napoleonic and Victorian adventure tales. Some of these had been on my Amazon Wish List for half a decade...and she had them at discount! I grabbed seven titles, and hankered after a few more. I noted that she had a number of adventure novels by a guy named Henty who wrote quite a few at the end of the 19th, and beginning of the 20th Centuries...there was one there that just showed up on Project Gutenberg LAST NIGHT!!! I understand they reprint (note that these books are in the public domain) them for folks who prefer books to electrons, but hey, free is free.

They day wore on; I chatted with Cousin David somewhere in all of this; got to a Military SF panel that wasn't as good as the one in Chicago last year, but I got a line on a series I may pursue. I also heard a Bedlam Bards concert; they were amusing. Finally, I sat in on a discussion about Browncoats having a Kickstarter or similar project to try to fund a new movie, TV series, or Netflix series; the consensus of the panel was that without Fox's go-ahead, it ain't gonna happen. Woe.

We had lunch in the mall's food court; it was cheap calories. We had dinner at Boudro's on the Riverwalk; they seated us outside, in the heat and humidity, rather than inside in the air conditioning, and that colored my response to the meal. The steak was cooked properly, and the chimichurri didn't overwhelm the taste of beef. Pretty good, but thirsty work in the heat. Follow that with a stop for ice cream, and call it a night.

One good thing: *I* had left my wife's new shoes with her inserts at home; she's been suffering since. Our friend stopped by our home, and picked up and overnight shipped the shoes; her feet are painless at present. Thank goodness. Did I mention that it was MY FAULT?