September 16th, 2013

Dead Dog Cat

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At WorldCon, one of the room parties every night was the bid party for Helsinki 2015, a real attempt at attracting the convention in Finland. After they lost to Spokane, they were divesting themselves of some of their promotional materials, and so I ended up with Portraying Finland: Facts and Insights, a book I finished (ahem) yesterday. Mildly interesting about a country that rarely gets much press in the US. Besides, who could complain about the price?
Dead Dog Cat

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Lots to do.

We had to get out in the morning fairly early, as Dungeonmaster put on a convention show at Wyrdcon 4, a LARPing convention in Costa Mesa. The con had about 250 attendees, give or take, and we got close to 20 in our show. I eneded up being a participant, since someone had to moderate the spells, and keep the folks from ignoring wounds taken in combat. Those who attended, and those who played on stage all seemed to have had a good time, and so that was fun. Some of those who played in the show were new cast members, so it added to our enjoyment to watch them handle things. Oh, and the players discovered the difficulties in time-related spells.

Afterwards, forestcats, several members of the cast and I all walked a block or so away to an Asian market with a food court and I had BBQ beef tongue w/pickled vegetables, a soup and a bowl of rice. Tasty, unusual for me, and altogether fun!

Following dinner, three members of the show put on a live podcast which I gather will sooner or later end up on iTunes; we watched as it unfolded. We quietly prompted them about a couple of topics, though in the nearly one hour show, they didn't require all that much prompting. My wife kept them supplied with water; I think that maybe it will be necessary to arrange for the podcast's equipment to include pitchers of fluids to keep their throats functioning when next the show airs.

Home, we did some cleanup, a bit of laundry, and cleared things off the DVR. Unfortunately, CNN screwed up our taping: Anthony Bourdain had a show last night in which he went to Israel and Palestine, but they aired a retrospective of the first season of his show, Parts Unknown, which the local cable company mislabeled as the new show, so we didn't get Jerusalem on our taping. I've found it on YouTube, though; now to find the time to watch it!

My beloved also had the bad luck to lose a crown, last night...well, not so much lost as fallen off. I for see a dental appointment in her future.

We expect a guest later this week, and we'll have to reconstruct the sukkah for Friday, assuming there's a minyan for services. My initial guessimate is that we have nine for sure; it's that last one that may take some time to arrange...