September 27th, 2013

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Last night was Simchat Torah; in the Jewish religion, that's a holiday wherein we've finished reading the Torah for the year, roll it back up to the beginning, and start again. We dance around, carrying the Torah, and we sing and chant and eat, and in some subsets of Judaism, we drink ourselves blind. Not in OUR group, that, mind you, but in some.

Not everyone could make it to the service. Heck, I didn't expect to get their on time, either. However, as it turns out I'd managed to arrange my day's work so that the last nursing home I visited was only about a mile from the home where we celebrated, and so I got there in good time.

The gentleman who normally assists our Torah reader didn't make it, so when the time came, I joined him at the altar and helped keep him on track, using the book with the Hebrew annotated with vowels. Torah doesn't have that.

In the end, a lovely evening.