October 19th, 2013

Dead Dog Cat

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What a day, yesterday was!

We open with me up and out fairly early. I had a clinic to do nearby, with one patient.

I followed that by going to get my car smogged, that being two years in a row. That's not cool. I passed, though. Arab fellow whose shirt read "Chuck".

Home; waited for the crowd to gather.

Then four of us headed out just after noon to go to Palm Springs for the day.

In Cabazon, we were waylaid by the lure of robotic dinosaurs, and climbed into the rear of a brontosaurus/building that was the toy store/museum store for the site. A brontosaurus with built-in air conditioning. Talk about cold-blooded!

Photo opportunity finished, we drove into Palm Springs and stopped at Sherman's Deli for a delicious meal, topped by overwhelming slices of delicious cake.

The women of the foray then took us to two quilt stores; at the last of which, I napped.

I got a chance to strip a Total Wine of its Sprecher's Red Apple soda.

After driving around and around, we then went to the McCallum Theater to see Alton Brown at the first stop of his nineteen city tour; a variety show, he does a bit of stand-up, some music with him on guitar, and some cooking demonstrations in a mad scientist sort of way. It was a terrific show; I hope that he films it for display on the Food Network at some point.

Then home, to arrive just before midnight.

Thanks to Spencer for being a good sport and going along not knowing what the hell was up. Thanks also to Suzanne, who I had in mind when I recommended our place for a meal. And all the thanks in the world to forestcats who makes my world!