January 15th, 2014

Dead Dog Cat


Things have been busy, so I didn't initially post that I'd finished reading a book a couple days back.

It was Osprey New Vanguard #103: Confederate Submarines and Torpedo Vessels 1861 – 65, which deals with the Confederate Navy's attempts to equalize their disadvantage in warships. I found it a moderately interesting read.
Dead Dog Cat

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Off work Monday night, my wife was away at a quilt guild meeting, so I watched season six of The Guild, which is a web series about a group of online gamers. I've really liked the previous seasons; this one was not completely up to their standards, but it had a bittersweet ending that suggests that this will be the last season. Something of a sadness there...

Yesterday was my wife's birthday, and I took the day off to celebrate with her. We opened at midnight with birthday cards from her dog, corveys, Sven the teen-aged cat, and then me. It set the tone for the day.

In the morning, we got out fairly early to drive to Dana Point to Captain Dave's Dolphin and Whale Safari. We took a cruise and saw a number of marine mammals, but this time the whales didn't cooperate as well as in the past (we've always seen whales before on these cruises, but it isn't guaranteed). The dolphins, though, had a lot of young ones swimming close to their mothers; pretty cool as they rode our bow wave.

Back ashore we got some lunch at a local Chinese restaurant. It was like being transported back to the late 70s. Unfortunately the food was indifferently prepared and not particularly tasty. We then drove a ways up Pacific Coast Highway just for fun before returning home for a rest. (The drive was rough, as there were heavy winds both ways.)

In the evening, at my beloved's request, we went to one of the two theaters at Ontario Mills (over fifty screens between them!!!) to see Philomena, a really touching film about a woman seeking her son who'd been adopted away from her not entirely with her consent. Excellent piece of cinematic work.

Following that, we got a late dinner at Joe's Crab Shack. They'd run out of what I wanted (really? It was "a special". Did that mean that you'd be out for the Wednesday crowd?), and what I ended up getting was poorly seasonsed and nearly tasteless. Eh.

Once we were home, we relaxed. forestcats had a wonderful day, and I was delighted to help her with that.