January 18th, 2014

Dead Dog Cat


It's been busy. Thus, this book was done a couple of days back and I'm just posting about it.


I burned through yet another little history book, this one being Osprey Men-at-Arms #429: Napoleon's Mamelukes, which talks about troops that Napoleon got from his excursions into Egypt. Nice bit of history here, something of an East meets West sort of thing. I enjoyed reading it.
Dead Dog Cat

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My beloved put together the house and cooked chicken jambalaya as well as making challah for the Havurah yesterday, and I just managed to get home ahead of our guests. After we had a delicious meal, I led services; folks seemed to enjoy themselves. Stressful, but pleasant. It was nice to see everyone, and that's the point.

There's a Dungeonmaster special event later this weekend, and I expect to be a sous chef for my wife to do our part. It should be a blast!