February 6th, 2014

Dead Dog Cat

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With an associate at work who's ill, things have been busy this last few days, but I did manage to get a couple of books finished.

First was another Eddie LaCrosse novel by Alex Bledsoe, Wake of the Bloody Angel. I'm really enjoying this series which has a new book out about now that I'm tracking down. In this one, he's sent on a mission to find out about the condition/whereabouts of a pirate...

The other book was Osprey Warrior #46: Panzer Crewman 1939 – 45 which talks about the training and, shall we say, lifestyle of the German tank soldiers in WWII. Moderately interesting.
Dead Dog Cat

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A night or two back, my wife was worn out, and she went to bed a couple of hours early, so I ended up continuing catch up reading of comics. I got through Fables #129 - 136, inclusive, and I'm nearly caught up with the storyline. They've got me wondering again where they are going with this tale, which is a good thing, of course.