February 19th, 2014

Dead Dog Cat

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Things have been pretty busy, and so I only now get to an update from the weekend...

Sunday, we had let Kelly crash rather than drive from Temecula to Panorama City at 3AM; it felt good to make sure she was safe and rested. After a nice breakfast, off she went.

Then, Sarah showed up with her daughter, and Bridget took them out to the corral, and Zoe spent some time on horseback. Very cute. Following that we went out for some lunch with them.

Then we cooked up chicken wings to take to the cast of Dungeonmaster. We flavored them with the BBQ sauce that Cindy's husband made, and yummy they were. Then it was off to the show.

DM was loads of fun; a very good episode. Afterwards, we had a bite with thechaim42, which got us home very late.

The rest of the week so far, I've been trying to catch up on my rest, though being on call for work is interfering with that.

Monday night, Kira visited Bridget, and brought with her a new Firefly game, which they played. I got home too late and too tired to wrap my mind around the rules. It was nice to see her and chat a bit.

I think today's schedule at work will be easier on me than the last two, so I should be more rested tomorrow.