March 24th, 2014

Dead Dog Cat

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It took getting totally away from work and home for me to really get a lot of reading done.

Thus, while in San Diego to attend the science fiction convention Condor, I managed to finish reading the following books:

First was Osprey Weapon #12: The Uzi Submachine Gun, a weapon that I actually handled; a friend of my father's took me shooting skeet and urged me to try out his Uzi. The book goes into the history of its construction and use pretty deeply for such a short work.

Next was Squared Away, a Doonesbury comic collection, the latest one. Politics aside, I find these books are quite topical as to the dealings of the US, and to a lesser extent, the World for the period they cover.

Then, Osprey Weapon #15: The Browning Automatic Rifle. This was a very important weapon on the squad level for US Infantry in several major conflicts, most importantly during WWII. Interesting read.

Next was Star Trek Book 6: After Darkness, a graphic novel that followed the recent movie. Not impressive.

Lastly was Star Trek Book 7: The Khitomer Conflict, again, not that impressive. Yawn.

Purchasing the latter two was a spur of the moment decision. I have to re-think that, next time one of these graphic novels is released.
Dead Dog Cat

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The latter part of my work week, last week, was pretty rough. One night, I got awoken six times between midnight and 0530; the following night four times between 0100 and 0515. It took all weekend to recover from that.

Also, the latter night I had sat up to respond to a call, and Loralie the cat curled up on my pillow, and wouldn't move when I lay down on him. I shifted the weight of my head a bit to try not to crush him, but finally I pushed him off the pillow. Next morning, I had a severe crick in my neck and couldn't turn to the right at all. It's almost completely resolved at the moment, but it nearly ruined my weekend.

So, what did we do with the time? Friday, we packed up and headed south. First stop was Al's sandwich shop in Chino Hills for a Chicago-style Italian beef sandwich, which was quite tasty. Then we were off to San Diego.

In the northern reaches of the town, we stopped at Mysterious Galaxy, an SF and mystery bookstore...independent. We figured on supporting them a bit before heading to the convention. Unfortunately, the place seemed rather picked over; I really didn't see many titles that I was interested in purchasing. Sad.

Then we drove into Mission Valley and checked into the La Quinta. Because we've stayed there many times before, they gave us a free upgrade to a suite; two rooms, both with TVs! It was admittedly more comfortable than our usual room, and how can we turn down a "free" upgrade.

Once we'd unpacked, we went to the convention, to find that the convention hotel was now charging for parking...$16/day! We got our badges, and started wandering. Condor is heavily steampunk, which is fine, though it isn't my favorite SF genre. Almost all the hucksters materials related to steampunk, but that just keeps our cash outlay down...

We hung out, chatted, nibbled at the con suite, went to various panels, and generally relaxed over the next couple of days. The panel speakers were engaging, and I certainly enjoyed myself.

Friday night's dinner was at Chipotle in Mission Valley. I've had Chipotle many times before and always considered them solid, with good quality for the price. Here, though, they served me raw chicken. Ew.

Saturday night, we left the convention, and took in the Veronica Mars movie; I liked it very much. Indeed, I thought it was vastly better than season three of the TV series. I hope that they make enough on the project that they'll make more of them. Very nice.

Sunday, we packed up the car, and headed to Perris. forestcats had discovered a resource for exotic meats, and we headed to their shop. Apparently, the owner raises the various exotic breeds and then takes them to FDA approved places for their preparation. We picked up meat of three species we've never had before for Carnivore's Feast, huzzah!

Then home. The critters were overjoyed at our return. We lazed about, caught up on the DVR, and also watched two discs of Game of Thrones season three. Nice...