April 15th, 2014

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The weekend was busy. Very busy.

Saturday, my wife and I volunteered for the Grilled Cheese Invitational. I helped with the box office, while she took tickets from those who'd bought them online. We ran into a number of folks that we rarely see, including many who now live in the Bay Area. Very nice. I had a bit of grilled cheese as well as a very tasty lobster bisque during the proceedings.

Later that evening, Noodle and axelicious stopped by, and we went out for Mongolian BBQ for dinner. Afterwards it was sit and chat. A very pleasant evening.

Sunday, we did some building of supports for the tomato plants, started repairs on some damage that brushette caused, and then went to Dungeonmaster for the chaos episode. Folks seemed to like the episode just fine; now to get down to review the sixth script...

Last night was first Seder for Passover, and we had a lovely time with it. I managed to get there just in time from work. Things were a bit chaotic as we used several resources for the prayers, songs, and readings, but it all worked out nicely. Food was wonderful, too.

Home, we stayed up to watch the lunar eclipse, at least until totality. It amazed me how the Moon looked so much more spherical than it does with the glare of reflected sunlight. It was definitely orange; it was also very amusing to realize that Mars was nearby as we watched. I'm convinced that we also saw a number of dim meteors at the same time, making it just about perfect. Lovely sight.