May 21st, 2014

Dead Dog Cat

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Between streaming and discs from Netflix, I've seen several films lately, not all of them all the way through, though.

First was Hotel Rwanda. I can't comment on the historical accuracy of the portrayal, but I can say that the material was stunningly visceral.

Then, Solomon Kane. I dumped it maybe fifteen minutes in. It reminded me of my dislike of a particular book series with a guy ill with leprosy pulled out of our world into another and cured of disease, but he spends way too much time whining about his health. Feh.

Then disc one, season four of Treme. New Orleans, months and months after Katrina, still the same old place. Mind you, we like this series very much.

Last night we put on the disc of August: Osage County; what a stellar cast! Very uncomfortable watching a dysfunctional family rip each other apart...

I know I've forgotten another one that I gave up after only a couple of forgettable (or am I blocking it due to extreme dislike?) that I can't remember any of it.