May 25th, 2014

Dead Dog Cat

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Quite a day, yesterday.

It was devoted to Dungeonmaster, you see. We took our time getting ready in the early part of the day, and then in mid-afternoon headed to the LAX Hilton, where Gamex was going on (still is, if you want to attend a gaming convention today and tomorrow). Finding parking was a chore, though.

So around five PM, cast members started to arrive, and we guarded the costumes and props for the show. By about 8, we started taking people's names for possible participation. By the time the show started, we had some dozens of attendees; the show ran smoothly and folks enjoyed it greatly.

And at the end, we had a bunch of people who wanted to sign up for email notifications of our future events! Nice...

Home by about midnight.

And today, we party!