July 6th, 2014

Dead Dog Cat

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While waiting for our show to start at Anime Expo, I finished reading a couple of graphic novels. Seemed like the right place to read such things...

Anyway, first was Before Watchmen: Ozymandius * Crimson Corsair; in this prequel to Watchmen, Ozymandius is a self-absorbed sociopath with delusions of grandeur, and even in the original book I found the pirate material uncomfortable; this was even more so. It was a fair spinoff at best.

Next was Usagi Yojimbo Volume 28: The Red Scorpion; I've enjoyed this series for most of its thirty years and this one is as good as they've all been. The quality has kept up the whole time. Forward by George Takei, if that's something that would amuse you.
Dead Dog Cat

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While I'm pondering comic book heroes in my last post, I might as well bring myself up-to-date on my reading in that area.

It's been several weeks since I sat down and listed all the periodicals of this nature that I've been reading, but I have caught up on the stack that had gotten rather out of hand.

First one was Fables #141: they are winding it down, and I'm not all that enamored of the direction they're taking. I may or may not follow it into the dirt.

Next, Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #6 of 6 which obviously finishes this run of Firefly tales. It was a satisfactory ending, but it also wasn't an end; they leave it open for future stories. Cool!

Then, Letter 44 #7, and I'm intrigued with this title. They went back to the recruitment of the team in the space mission, thereby not moving the story forward, but I didn't find that the least bit irritating. I'm looking forward to the next book in the run.

Next was Saga #20 which wasn't as good as most of the previous books were. It dealt mostly with her work on a soap opera of sorts. Eh.

Then, Dream Police #3...very good. I find myself trying to figure out who has the power in Dream. Mind you, this isn't Neil Gaiman's "Dream".

Trees #2 by Warren Ellis follows; we get a look at a research station trying to figure out the biology of these tree entities. I'm hooked.

Then, The 7th Sword #3, apparently something of a retelling of The Seven Samurai in an SF setting, but much, much better than Battle Beyond the Stars was.

Fairest #27 came next, and this is also supporting the buildup to the fall of Fables, so I was finding my ennui expanding.

Jim Butcher's Dresden Files: War Cry #2, on the other hand, deals with a saga of Dresden that wasn't covered in any of the books, which is fun. Let's say that this one has something of a Lovecraftian crossover.

Next was Protector's Inc #7, a JMS tale, and the murder investigation moves on. To me, this is a whole new way to deal with superheroes, and I like it.

Most recently was Moon Knight #5, another Warren Ellis book for the time being; interesting narrative structure; almost cinematic. The protagonist thwarts a kidnapping.

I've another on hand but I'm not done with it yet. You'll just have to wait.
Dead Dog Cat

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I did have to work a bit yesterday, and then we had to do some printing before leaving for Anime Expo. I had hopes of meeting up with hendel, but he was worried that with such a huge crowd present, the phone reception would be severely impaired. In that, he was right. But that comes later.

We ended up forced to park quite a distance from the venue, and we had things to drag with us. Luckily, much of it packed into a rolling box, so that was good.

The Los Angeles Convention Center was utterly packed with folks of all sexes, races, creeds and interests, but what shocked me was that the preregistration lines to enter were enormous; it had to have taken close to an hour for those people to get their tags and enter! Lucky for us, being with the show, we hunted up and found the industry booth, and got our credentials in a few seconds.

The press of people was just too much for me. I didn't even try to visit anything there. We got to the theater space and waited our turn to go in.

Finally, a line formed for Dungeonmaster. I started hawking the character cards for anyone who wanted to volunteer to be in the adventuring party. I paced up and down the line repeated, handing out cards and pencils for folks, and collecting the completed forms. Got a bit hoarse, doing it. hendel finally arrived, too late to get in line for the show. *Sigh*. At least we could meet and greet, more or less...

Finally, I joined the cast in the theater; we picked our random list of folks and I was assigned duty at the drums/gong.

The show was spectacular. We didn't just fill EVERY seat, but also had to turn away nearly as many folks as we seated! People had a great time with it; there were times of hilarity, sacrifice, fear and amusement. Great applause repeatedly! Very nice...

At the exit, my wife and I handed out the flyers we'd made, listing our show's home, contact information, and the dates of the next season. We ran completely out...

Worn to a frazzle, we stopped on our way home at an Asian restaurant called The Boiling Point in Rowland Heights. Ate our fill and then home for a deserved collapse.