July 26th, 2014

Dead Dog Cat

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In the last several days, I wasted a couple of hours watching XXX: State of the Union, but then we watched The Grand Budapest Hotel and I assure you, that wasn't a waste at all! Wow... The words "lush" and "funny" come leaping to mind.

On another note, over the last several weeks, I read a number of comic books. I guess that after something of a drought, there's been a wave of new titles that I've found stimulating. In any case, here's what I've been reading:

Sidekick #7; seems like we're going to watch someone's fall into evil. Maybe.

The Royals: Masters of War #6 of 6. The end. Really? A bit unsatisfying.

Fables #142; I've had it with this series. I'm dropping this, and also Fairest.

Dead Boy Detectives #7; I like where they're going with this story, and I'll keep reading. The ghosts have been seen by additional living folks...

Letter 44 #8; I'm still liking this one very much. I'm hungry for more...

Saga #21; something bad is about to happen. I can just feel it...

Trees #3; still building up to some sort of climax, but I'm staying for the ride.

Supreme Blue Rose #1; a new Warren Ellis book; interesting artwork. Let's see where this goes.

Batman Detective Comics #27; didn't buy this, this one was a freebie given out in honor of Batman's anniversary (75th? I think? I can't recall). They reprise his first adventure in it; then redo it with modern story-telling, and vastly better artwork, and then they also tell a story of a Batman in the distant future. Pretty cool, though it won't get me reading Batman anytime soon...
Dead Dog Cat

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Earlier this week, I finished reading Osprey Campaign #156: The Doolittle Raid 1942: America's First Strike Back at Japan which gives great detail to the whole event. A strike more psychological than damaging physically, it was still an important action on the part of the United States. I didn't realize that the US fleet was sighted and reported before they reached their launch point; the book speaks to this. All-in-all a good work of this small part of history.