August 30th, 2014

Dead Dog Cat

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Yesterday afternoon, I caught up with Harry Turtledove's Crosstime series by finishing The Valley-Westside War. The book deals with an alternate reality in which there'd been a nuclear exchange, and some generations later the kingdom of the San Fernando Valley (ruled by King Zev) goes to war with the Kingdom of the Westside (ruled by Cal, supported by his dog, Pots). The team from the home timeline is trying to figure out what happened that lead to the nuclear war; once again, their secret is discovered and they have to escape...

Once again, a pretty good book, something of a YA flavor to it, though.
Dead Dog Cat

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We got out a bit last night; tried to find a food truck ostensibly in our neighborhood, but it turned out to be a private party, with only one truck rather than the three advertised. So, instead, we drove to Chino Hills for sushi, where I proceeded to have too much sake. At least I didn't stumble home singing...

Dungeonmaster will be having two shows at Strategicon this weekend, so come out and see the show!
Dead Dog Cat

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One thing I haven't been keeping up on is my list of comics that I've read. May as well do it now:

First, The Sandman Overture #3; a bit better than the previous...I'm excited to see where this goes.

Then, Ten Grand #10; wow!

Next, Deep Gravity #1; a nice start, I look forward to the next one.

Then, Tales of Honor #4; there's a lot to like here, from the art to the storyline. I'm champing at the bit to read the next one...

Next, Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files: War Cry #3; I hate to spoiler, but an important character from the novels finally makes an appearance (difference).

Then, Moon Knight #6; this is the last of this that I'll be reading; Warren Ellis is no longer authoring, and that was the only reason I'd read it up to this point. Best wishes to the new author.

Next, Usagi Yojimbo: Senso #1; I like Usagi Yojimbo, but I usually don't buy the standard comics of it; I get the collections. In this case, this is a special saga, and the shop owner set a copy aside for me, just in case, so I went ahead, bought it, and liked it, just like I have for the length of time I've read his adventures.

Then, Protectors, Inc. #8; thus far, I remain fascinated by the take on superheroes that JMS pursues here, and I'm impatient to see the next in the series.

Next, Supreme Blue Rose #2; weird and surreal, I'm enjoying this.

Then, Trees #4; a strange book out of the mind of Warren Ellis, I'm still enjoying this one too.

Finally, Dead Boy Detectives #8; I finished this one last night (and there's a pile more to go), and talk about surreal...I think that maybe, just maybe, the team is starting to falter on this book; I will give them a bit more time yet.


...oh, and then there's the pile of Shrapnel that I won at the Geek event...who knows when I'll actually pick them up and read them?