October 13th, 2014

Dead Dog Cat

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No rest for the weary, yesterday!

Hospital rounds, stopped at farmers' market to get fingerling potatoes for the Dungeonmaster cast dinner, grilling chicken on a stick and potatoes delivered similarly, pack the truck, then off to the show.

Since we won't be at the next show, we each spent time training the people who are going to take our spots. So, thanks, thechaim42 for being willing to do the job I do, and vampireanneke for being forestcats for the next show!

Dungeonmaster as a show was fun, this time...in fact I think this season is going extremely well! The players especially seemed well into the goings-on. Next, the Halloween episode!

And so to work...
Dead Dog Cat

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Several months back, my wife and I went to see the play, The Mouse That Roared, based on the book by the same name written by Leonard Wibberley, back in the 50s, about a tiny country way up in the Alps, surrounded by France and Switzerland. The author's intent, IIRC, was to skewer the geopolitics of the era. It was reasonably popular as a book, and I read The Mouse That Roared, The Mouse on the Moon and The Mouse on Wall Street when I was in elementary school.

Having seen the show, (showcasing friends of ours), I was stimulated to look back at the books, and see if I'd missed any other books in the series, and it turns out that my school's library hadn't purchased a couple. I'll be getting to one later this year, apparently written in the 80s, and easy to come by on Amazon.com, but I had missed the second book of the saga, written in 1958! Beware of the Mouse was out-of-print, and available on Amazon for sale, but at approximately $300!!! After I finished the two really large books that had slowed my reading down so much lately, I tried searching the book in the local library systems. The Los Angeles County Library System showed that they had a couple of copies, and I ordered it to be delivered locally...and it arrived in just two days!

It's set in the 1400s, and dealt with the citizens response to advancing technologies in the world around their land of Grand Fenwick. I hate to spoiler this; let it be written that this chronicle of the land deals with how a technologically inferior people can still bloody the nose of a larger and more savvy land, and make it not worth their time and effort to invade. It's a good story, and probably one that certain politicians should ponder well.

I enjoyed it very much; the whole series are quick reads, funny, and intelligent. They're worth hunting down, even if they aren't in print.