October 30th, 2014

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I get away for a while, and boy do I manage to read a lot. Like, work gets in the way of reading, you know?

Anyway, on the flight, I finished reading Cruise Confidential: A Hit Below the Waterline, which talks about the early experiences of an American working as a waiter on several cruise ships. Fictionalized, and sensationalized, but a bit of a fun read.

Then, I read When the Eagle Hunts, the third (I think) book of the Cato series by Simon Scarrow, which deals with the Roman invasion of Britain under Nero, and their vicious interactions with the Druids. A good read; I'm moving on to the next book ... soonish...

Next was Dragons at Crumbling Castle by Terry Pratchett; a children's book, sort of fables, sort of not. Silly, amusing.

Then, Osprey Fortress #29: US WWII and Korean War Field Fortifications 1941 – 53, which was well-illustrated with examples of the art. Pretty good read.

While there I came upon a number of Osprey books I'd been seeking, and having picked them up, I read them pretty rapidly. First was Osprey Raid #45: Killing Bin Laden: Operation Neptune Spear 2011 and I'm sure that many (or even most) details are either too secret for anyone to know yet, or are just wrong, but it was still a pretty fascinating read.

Then, Osprey Campaign #269: Alesia 52 BC: The Final Struggle for Gaul...I remember the lecture on this battle in The History of Rome podcast, and this book does a good job of expanding on what was said.

Following that, I also found Osprey Campaign #262: Manizert 1071: The Breaking of Byzantium; someday I expect another podcast to deal with this battle, which lead pretty directly to the Crusades, and so it was an interesting read.

Had I not had a headache on the flights home, I probably would have finished another book.
Dead Dog Cat

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Last Friday morning, my beloved and I boarded a Southwest flight to Oakland, to change planes on our way to Seattle. My annual medical education was to be there for the first time. We'd never been to Seattle, so this was to be something of an experience.

I'd taken to heart something posted years ago by our friend, Brenda Griffith, about how something less than a mile away may take far more than it would seem to reach due to some pretty hefty mountains in the downtown districts. Oh, yes. However, it's a real foodie town, and we ate some pretty spectacular meals while there...and promptly worked them off, walking.

Our arrival was noted by Jennell Jacquays, who it turns out lives only a few blocks from our hotel. We'd taken the light rail train in from the airport, and carted our luggage Poor communication primarily on my part caused us to go in two different directions to Taylor's Seafood, a chain of oyster bars that served geoduck. We finally met up and had a lovely chat and nibble. While we'd waited for them, we wandered the neighborhood, and found various eateries and whatnot that we tried later.

Next day we checked into the convention, and started taking our coursework. We met up with other doctors, including Dr. Hirsch, Dr. Feinberg, and the doctors Fried, and we ate at a variety of places, sometimes with our local friends (such as Jenz, or Jennell), and sometimes with the physicians who were in town just like we were.

Some of the other restaurants that I wouldn't mind trying again include: Capitol Cider, Zeeks Pizza, Petra Mediterranean Bistro, Rumba, Terra Plata. Heck, there was a Whole Foods Market a block or so away from our hotel! I had three or four different chowders, all good. I had lots of fish. Nearly everyplace we went had at least one cider on tap, and since I can't drink beer, it was quite a cool experience! Many places had more than one...a selection??? Heaven.

However, the weather wasn't pleasant. Although we still have Chicago clothes that were perfect for the cold and the rain, walking distances in it, especially when the wind howled in, wasn't fun at all.

Here we are back home. It's nice to see all our pets; the hummingbird is still outside here peeking into the windows. Now to recover for work tomorrow...