January 4th, 2015

Dead Dog Cat


I'm sure it will come as no surprise to anyone who reads these that the first book that I've finished in 2015 would be an Osprey. To be exact, it was Osprey Men-At-Arms #194: Arab Armies of the Middle East Wars 2. Sometime in the last eighteen months I got a hankering to read up on all the Osprey books dealing with the Middle East, modern, and so I've read 'em as I could get 'em...this was the latest. It's pretty out-of-date, I'm afraid. Events have moved fast, and this book is some fifteen years old or so. For example, Hezbollah only gets about a sentence or so in the text. However, as background to the present situation, the book is a nice review. Not great, but not bad.
Dead Dog Cat

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As many of you know, Netflix has been producing a number of shows, many excellent, for their own use and they stream them. They've included Lillyhammer, House of Cards, among others.

Last night, my wife and I finished watching Peaky Blinders, another Netflix Original that deals with an Irish/Gypsy/Tinker gang trying to break into respectability in England after World War I. There's good character studies, and serious effort made towards giving the proper feel of the era. Pretty solid stuff. Worth a look.

They've had two seasons so far of six shows each; I don't know if it's been renewed, but there's certainly room for more. Very nice.