January 25th, 2015

Dead Dog Cat

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As happens sometimes when you read several books at once, I finished up a couple more books in the last day.

First was As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride by Cary Elwes (AKA: Wesley)...though it appears that it was ghost-written, but whatever. It appears to be a typical recollection of production, patting everyone on the back, but there's some fun anecdotes and tales about the production that make the book worth reading if you enjoyed The Princess Bride.

Next was Osprey Fortress #105: Forts of the American Frontier 1776 – 1891: California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. Since I live in California, there were some bits and pieces of information about the history of this coast that sparked my interest. Pretty good work.
Dead Dog Cat

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The house was pretty busy the last couple of days, as we had lots of visitors. dearest_b has been in town staying with us for the last several days, coming from the United Kingdom, and sekl came down for the day to meet up with forestcats and our guest for a day or so, and she slept here as well. I worked, of course, and so didn't participate in their perambulations, but I did get to dinner with them last night for sushi.

The Road to California Quilt Show is still going on at the Ontario Convention Center, ending today, and I have to get done with my work early enough to help with the takedown crew. Should be fun. Those quilts are astonishingly good!