May 30th, 2015

Dead Dog Cat

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A couple of nights back we wasted some time watching another Liam Neeson film, The Grey. Aside from being not entirely believable, it was slow, and painful to watch. If you're looking for entertainment, look elsewhere.

We've lived in this neighborhood for a long time now, and we've gotten to know things pretty well, but there's a restaurant that we'd heard good things about that's been in Chino for decades before we moved here. Finally last night we stopped in to try it out. It's called Centro Basco, and though it's pretty basic fare, you can tell that everything is made from scratch. The soup tasted like someone kept checking it out and adding a little this and a little that until it tasted just the way they wanted it to. The gravy was excellent. Little touches done well. It's a pity we hadn't been here before, but we're certainly going to come again!