June 7th, 2015

Dead Dog Cat

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A few more days, a couple more books finished. I'm actually reading several at the same time, skipping from one to another, so I'm apt to complete a bunch all at once in a few more days.

Anyway, over the last two days or so I read two books.

First was Osprey Fortress #28: Forts of the American Frontier 1820 – 91: Central and Northern Plains, obviously primarily aimed at protecting US forces and civilians from Native Americans. A number of towns have grown up around the old sites, and their names confirm this. I found it moderately interesting.

Next was Beachbum Berry Revisited, a book primarily about how to make the typical exotic drinks that you'd find in a tiki bar. There's a bit about various associated topics as well. This is a compilation and revision of two previous works on the subject by the same author. Nice piece of work!
Dead Dog Cat

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I've been a bit remiss about posting for the last couple of weeks. I've had things to ponder and things to say, but my muse was on vacation, I guess, and the words really didn't flow.

Where to start?

A while back, we went to a Bat Mitzvah in one of the beach communities near the Hearst Castle. Since we drove there, we took I-5, which took us through the Grapevine, and we stopped for gasoline as we broke from the pass. I professed an acute chocolate deficiency, and walked into the gas station's store to pick something out. While in there, I found that they had a box of bars I'd never heard of, French Vanilla & Caramel Milky Ways. Huh? I picked up a couple to try out, and subsequently found that I liked them. So? Well, when we got home, I researched them to see if this was an up and coming release, to discover that the bars had been and gone already! Obviously the candy at this gas station doesn't move well, and this might be one of the last boxes in Southern California. A couple weeks later, we're heading north again to visit sekl and I pick up a bit more; then on the way home I bought nearly the whole box. Just weird, I guess...

On the Netflix front we've watched the entirety of season one of Black Sails, and I find it visually astonishing, and the economy as described makes sense. Not all the character interactions do, though, but in general I like the series. I know that season two's been shown, now to wait for it.

We've watched a few comedians via their streaming services, and one, Russ Ballard (I think???) comes to mind as a standout.

Dungeonmaster finishes its season today at a stage area in Griffith Park...called the Old Zoo. See you there!