October 29th, 2015

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Over the last few years, here and there you find small books that give the history of various places in the United States. Could be a big topic, like San Francisco, or small neighborhoods. This morning, I finished reading Encino, which is a neighborhood in Los Angeles, north of the main city in the San Fernando Valley. It's where my family ended up when we moved to SoCal in the late 60s, and though I've been out of there for over thirty years, it's where my mother still lives. The book gave a variety of interesting background information, such as the identity of the original settlers, and a number of little facts. For example, RKO studios had a studio ranch in a subdivision where my cousins lived when we arrived from Wisconsin; among movies shot there were Cimarron and It's a Wonderful Life. So, I found it pretty interesting to read; very short read, of course. For those who lived there, it's probably worth picking up.