November 8th, 2015

Dead Dog Cat

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Two books so far this weekend:

First was Osprey Warrior #165: US Army Paratrooper in the Pacific Theater 1943 - 45. Now, I've read extensively about WWII since I was a pre-teen, and I knew a great deal about the use of paratroopers in the European Theater, but I'd rarely heard anything about their use by the United States in the Pacific. Therefore I delved into the book with some curiousity. It dealt with their training and equipment as well as the history of their actions in the war. Pretty good read.

Then we have The Martian by Andy Weir. I'd heard good things about the book at its time of publication, so it went onto the pile (mountain) of books to-be-read. Then the movie was released, and I figured I wanted to have read the book first, so out of the pile it was pulled. Now, it's very rare that I get a book that I don't dabble in, reading a bit, then off to another for a page, paragraph or chapter and then return. This was truthfully a book I couldn't put down...I finished reading it at about 0230 this morning, when I had intended to go to bed at midnight. Spectacular book. I can't recommend it too highly.
Dead Dog Cat

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What a week.

Early on, I got electronic notice from a good friend from my college days that his mother had passed. As it turned out, I didn't have a taxing day on the day of the funeral, so my wife and I attended (as did my mother and one of my sisters). They will be sitting shiva tonight, so we're going to go.

My friend from college and I were part of a group of three from back then; he and the other fellow had gone to UCLA for medical school, while I went to Chicago for osteopathic school. Even so, when we could we'd all get together. The other party of our triumvirate now lives and works in Boston. He flew in Friday night to join in supporting our friend and his family.

Last night forestcats and I met up with our Bostonian buddy for a nice meal at Border Grill in Santa Monica and the company and the food were very good.

Today, I have cooking to do. I have to make up batches of my spiced nuts for the impending holiday. I'm still rifling through the cupboards for the various ingredients.

One more oddity: I got a package from Holland, a book. I didn't order it. There's no tracking numbers or receipts. There's no indication who sent it if anyone. I repeat, I didn't order it. What's going on?