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February 2nd, 2014

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07:33 am
Early yesterday, I got a haircut. When the hair is constantly poking me in the eyes, it's time to do something.

Mid-day, I had some quality time with the dogs and cats. We napped; they were festooned about my person.

Late in the day we went into the San Fernando Valley. It turns out that Umami Burger is running a special sandwich constructed by a prior Top Chef winner (Voltaggio? Is that how it's spelled?) which emulates my beloved's favorite sandwich, a Monte Cristo, which was to be there for only a short (undefined) time, so we stopped at the one in Burbank and ate there. Yummy food, truly, and she loved hers especially. Then, it was time to celebrate Stouty's birthday; we hung with friends and applauded his aging and all was good.

Today...well, I'll post about that tomorrow...

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