January 5th, 2016

Dead Dog Cat


It didn't take long for me to finish the second book of the year.

This one is The Weed Whisperer by G. B. Trudeau; i.e. it's a Doonesbury book. I've been reading these well over thirty years, and I followed the comic before that. This one's more of an oddity because during the time covered by the book he gave up the daily strip and devoted himself to Sunday only, apparently because he's involved in production of a TV show. In any case these books continue to give a picture of American life and political hypocrisy that can be very illuminating.
Dead Dog Cat

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The rain that was supposed to have started yesterday at 1030 hours has finally started. I've heard estimates of 15 inches in 16 days...wow? Considering how long it took to actually start, I have to wonder if it's petered out, or if we're only getting the edge of it? We'll see, won't we?