March 25th, 2016

Dead Dog Cat

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Somehow there just wasn't time to post about any books I finished for the last week or so. I guess I should catch up.

First was Osprey Command #17: Bill Slim, a short biographical piece about a highly successful British commander in Asia during WWII. This covered a part of the war of which I knew only a little, so I got something out of reading it.

Second was Valor's Choice, a book that's been on my to-be-read pile for a long time. It was suggested to me to be read again by my friend Bob who was apparently re-reading it when last I saw him. A quick and exciting read, it deals with military SF, when a small number of younger races are recruited to help defend older, non-violent races from an invading horde of other aliens. I plan on continuing reading the series, as well as the author, Tanya Huff.

Finally, Osprey Command #15: Walther Model; this one deals with a German general who fought on both fronts and did well with what he had. Sad ending.
Dead Dog Cat

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It's the run-up to our friends' wedding; I'm nervous. More on this probably Sunday or Monday.

During the week, we happened to watch another documentary called A Faster Horse which dealt with the Ford Mustang. Primarily it followed the production team preparing the 2015 model year automobile, but it also covered the history of the vehicle as well as it's fandom. Pretty good piece of work.