April 14th, 2016

Dead Dog Cat

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I've been a bit slow in posting the last few days for a variety of reasons. Let's catch up:

I finished two books since my last update. First was The Wisconsin Dells by H. H. Bennett, a book that I downloaded from The Internet Archive; written sufficiently long ago that it's in the public domain, I downloaded it to read because I'd traveled there a couple of years back, and I wanted to see what folks had to say about it back then. Much of the book is devoted to a very extensive description of the geography of the area, and it finishes with stories about the settlers displacing the Native Americans from their land. Probably only of interest to people looking for Wisconsin history.

Next, last night I finished Osprey Raid #27: Tomahawk and Musket: French and Indian Raids in the Ohio Valley 1758. Most students in the US rarely hear much about the French and Indian War, AKA The Seven Years War, aside from being told that George Washington got his early military experience there. This book goes into some detail about some of the fighting of that period.
Dead Dog Cat

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I haven't had a lot to say online for the last few days, though we've been pretty busy. Maybe it's because we've been fairly busy? Anyway...

Friday night we had services with the Havurah. As usual, it was very pleasant, and it was good to see everyone.

Saturday evening, we had a couple of house parties to visit; they had originally scheduled staggered so we could have visited them both, but because of the weather the first was postponed so that they were concurrent, and we had to beg off of it, sadly. The second one was very pleasant...a really good night!

Sunday...well. See, my mother bought me a shirt for Hanukkah. I didn't care for it at all and in discussion with her afterwards I promised that instead of her buying out of the blue that I'd spend a day with her allowing her to go with me when I shopped for clothes. Now, with the impending change of jobs, I needed some dress shirts so we met up with my mother and went to the places that she would normally shop. It was surprisingly difficult to find shirts to fit me well, which suggests that I'm becoming circumferentially challenged, but after some trouble, I ended up with some good options. We took her out to California Pizza Kitchen in one of the malls; they fed my mother almost instantly, but took approximately forty minutes to bring our food, in a restaurant that was only half full. Grr.

My beloved and I continue to prepare the backyard for our impending party; unfortunately that led to a malfunctioning grill. Apparently there's a retired fellow in the area who hires himself out for making grill repairs, and he did a terrific job of it. Thank goodness!

A couple of nights back, the two of us attended the Board meeting for my soon to start job; they wanted to introduce me to the Board and they also asked to meet forestcats. It was very pleasant, and I think we were well-received. More on that TOMORROW. EVENING.

I'm in a whirlwind of emotion presently; sadness, excitement and terror all combined. More on that tomorrow, too.

Sunday is a Dungeonmaster show; it's a Guardian Trial (well, with there being several types of superpowers in Atoll these days, perhaps not "Guardian" trials, but those in the know get the point).I look forward to the show.

We ordered tickets for the near future for several things...The Capitol Steps at Cal Tech, The Reduced Shakespeare Company in Rancho Cucamonga, and Extreme Rodeo at the Orange County Fairgrounds. I have to admit that we usually don't go prowling to see what kinds of interesting things are coming up, but something sparked us last night to go looking. These should be good, especially The Capitol Steps since their metier is political humor, and this is a season that's rife with material.

And that brings me up to the present. Merry Thursday!