April 15th, 2016

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OK, I promised to post tonight, and I had to wait until my work was done.

At this very moment, I am out of work.

It's something I'm not happy about. It's something I'm delighted about. I'm sad. I'm excited. I'm terrified.

Just over a year ago, the doctor whose practice I was associated with (he never offered me a partnership) sold his practice to a large group without telling me until there was no way that I could go out looking for other work. I had heard of the group that had purchased it, and I'd heard nothing good about them. I told him this, and he pooh-poohed my concerns and told me that I knew nothing about it. Oddly enough, I was right. Without going into detail, I gave them four months, I had significant problems that dealt with physician communication and patient care issues, and starting in August, I began to look for other work.

Not an easy thing when you are pushing sixty, you know.

I found a few doctors who gave me vague hints that they might be interested; I was pressed to apply to another one much younger than I who showed no particular motivation to hire me, though in the end he did make me an offer...but it took him seven months to finally say so.

Finally, a connection told me about an opportunity that had opened locally; a non-profit group was looking to hire a chief medical officer to supervise their physicians, dentists, licensed psychiatric social workers, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. The clinics were all in under-served areas, and the group received significant Federal funding to help folks who haven't had good care.

I interviewed. They sent me a contract the next day. I signed. I gave my job a month's notice, though the contract didn't demand any notice at all. At 5PM today I left for good. I did have an exit interview, and I chose to leave identifying all the patient care concerns I had; I won't treat this organization badly, because their patients deserve the best care they can offer. The administrators were pretty shocked at the problems that I had, and they agree that the communication problems were unacceptable. It sucks that I had to quit to make them aware of the problems.

I start at the new job Monday. I have no idea of what the work will be like, but I will persevere.

So that's the news.

I start work at Unicare Community Health Center, Inc.; I will work at a number of their offices to get to know folks, but the prime office is at 437 N. Euclid Avenue, Ontario, CA 91762. The phone number that I have here is 909 988 4447, but I don't know if that is for the clinic or the administrative office. I'll post an update for contact on Monday evening if I have the number wrong.

In the meantime, my wife and I are going out to catch a film.

Be well, everybody, because right now I don't have any prescription pads...