April 23rd, 2016

Dead Dog Cat


Tooling along slowly, I finished Osprey Campaign #4: Tet Offensive 1968: Turning Point in Vietnam this week. I was pretty young when this happened, and on this side of the Pacific, whatever was happening was poorly reported, so this quick discussion of the events and results is pretty solidly good. Worthwhile.
Dead Dog Cat

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The first week of the new job is over, and I managed to get a bit better using the software that they have. I've met some of the providers, and I've spoken with various staff about one thing or another. I need to study up on their procedure manuals, especially since some of them need updating. That proceeds, for now.

Last night, we had first Seder with some members of our Havurah, and had a very nice time with it. We're going to another one tonight at my sister's.

Stuff to do around the house and in the yard...always!