May 1st, 2016

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We started preparing for the Carnivore's Feast perhaps as far back as January; maybe even longer, to stock some of the exotic meats that we sampled. Our backyard was in the best condition for a party that we've ever had, and those who helped us with one thing or another (and you know who you are); well, it was much appreciated.

The last couple of days before the event, there was still a lot to do. Unloading the deep freeze so that the meat was defrosted, cleaning the bathroom, prepping the rooms for those who stayed overnight, overall cleaning. Again, many thanks to those who helped!

Morning of Saturday, we open with...rain! Oy, not again. However, I had a poncho at hand if it was needed. Last minute preparation began just after dawn, and continued until start time. Turkey, bison, beef, chicken, and lamb were all cooked and ready for the arrival of the first celebrants. My spouse's cheeses (yes, she makes a wide variety of cheeses from scratch, and they are delicious!) were laid out for eating, and many thanks to our friends who set the table up with crackers and knives for folks to dig into. sekl was picked up at our local airport, and she was awarded an apron, just like forestcats and I, and she was a great help all day; she's returned by now to San Jose.

So many people pitched in at one point or another. Thanks to Cliff who visited from Las Vegas and brought kangaroo! I grilled beef, elk, llama, reindeer, kangaroo, duck, pheasant, alligator, ostrich...lots of meats. My wife prepared her bacon explosion, the bison tri-tip, lamb, and lots of other things. Folks who joined us brought enough side dishes to make the tables groan, and our friends dug in with gusto!

The Iron Chef contestants had to build their grills afresh as three of the ones that we've used for years had rusted into scrap; at 4PM the event got started. Thanks to the five volunteers who judged; the winning team was awarded a spectacular chef's knife, and they promptly announced that it was going to be given to a young chef in training. Bravo!

The dessert competition run by Kira went beautifully. The winner and runner up also got nice foodie tools; now Xander has an even better opportunity to describe himself as an award-winning chef!

Many people helped with the clean-up, but it was dark by then and I couldn't see who all it was. Among the most helpful were the Weinsteins; many, many thanks.

Today, we're worn out. There's still some stuff to do, but there's no more room in our trash barrels, and I'm too exhausted to start on the last bits right now. We've got a cooler filled with beer left over, I wonder if we should have a few people over...