May 23rd, 2016

Dead Dog Cat

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Yesterday we took a drive into town. We'd decided to spend the day at a museum, and my beloved very much enjoys the Autry Museum next to the LA Zoo. We hadn't been aware that there was an event in their backyard; some kind of fair dealing with services for families with small children. This led to there being no available parking at either the zoo or the museum. We ended up parking several hundred yards farther along, and walked back to the museum. There were a few things of mild interest at the fair, but we quickly entered the museum, renewed our membership, and had lunch at the cafe (buffalo burgers, actually). The exhibits included some excellent artwork, and then many items of interest from the history of Hollywood, primarily the Westerns. They included costumes from Tarantino's recent Western, The Hateful Eight (or however it was spelled). Nice place...we need to get back there more often. Following that, we stopped at Whole Foods in Pasadena and picked out several cheeses to try, so that my beloved could decide on future cheeses to try her hand at making. Dinner was outdoors, then, nibbling on said cheeses. Lovely day!