October 3rd, 2016

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Time slips past and I missed my usual posting day.

A week ago Sunday turned into a trip up to Oak Glen and the apple harvest. Altitude was something of a pain, but we came back with cooking apples, and some cider to enjoy. Fun. Have you guys ever gone up there?

As far as I can recall, aside from dog walking we didn't do too much that was unusual last week. We did finish season two of Boardwalk Empire, season two of Narcos, and season five of Longmire. The first was on disc, the latter two on Netflix streaming.

The weekend was set aside for my beloved to teach a friend to quilt. She's making a memory quilt, which looks like it will be very nice indeed. Day one was just the friend, day two she brought her three boys, so to give them time to work on things, I took the young gentlemen to the Chino Air Museum, Planes of Fame. Since it was the weekend, the B17 bomber out front was open to the public, and they seemed to really dig that. They've also got a variety of military vehicles, including a Sherman tank, so that fascinated them. Once we got home, my beloved spent some time with them riding horses and meeting the donkey. They were also fascinated by hunting chicken eggs. After grabbing some dinner together, we called it an evening. Nice way to spend the weekend.

And now the work week...
Dead Dog Cat

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Another week, a few more books.

The first one that I finished this last week was Osprey Warrior #173: Mamluk 'Askari 1250 – 1517. I had heard a bit about them, but mostly later in their history, when they faced Napoleon, so this, their origin story filled in a bit of information for me.

Next was My Storytelling Guide Companion, another RPG gaming item, which was somewhat less useful than another book by the same author. Not great, not bad, not special.

Then, In Holy Terror: Reporting the Ulster Troubles by Simon Winchester. The author had been reporting on Ulster during the early days of the disturbances there, and was actually present at Bloody Sunday. This makes the book quite interesting for someone who recalls the garbled reports of our Press at the time. The book is hard to find, but if you have any interest in Irish/British relations, it might be worthwhile to read.

Finally, Osprey Elite #33: South-East Asian Special Forces. Not only South Vietnam is covered, though that pretty thoroughly, but also places like Indonesia and Thailand. Mildly engaging.