February 5th, 2017

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Several books were nearly done, and to start the week off I finished reading Homeland by Cory Doctorow. Terrific book and terrifying. Very topical at this time in that much of the book relates to dealing with an American police state and dealing with riot control efforts stopping protest marches. Very much worth a read.

I followed that one with Osprey Elite #45: Armies of the Gulf War, when many nations came together and beat back a bully who'd invaded a tiny country on its border, Kuwait. The book deals with the major combatants discussing their armaments and equipment. Not bad.

Then it was Lawful Interception by Cory Doctorow, a short piece follow-on to Homeland that hints at ways a crowd can deal with being faced down by disciplined, trained riot police. Interesting. Timely. Good stuff.

Next was Osprey Campaign #34: Poltava 1709: Russia Comes of Age, not a battle that we hear much about in US educational systems. I found it quite interesting, though the verbiage was a little hard to slog through.

Then, Osprey Elite #51: US Army Air Force (2) which deals primarily with the equipment and uniforms of the ground crews and support staff in all regions and weathers that the USAAF fought in during WWII. I wonder (because I've yet to come across a copy) what book (1) deals with?
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What did we do this week?

A fair amount of dog walking, of course.

Some work in the yard which will be very evident when Carnivore's Feast comes around.

Monday night we went to the movies, practically alone, where we saw Hidden Figures...timely, no? A wonderful piece of work. For those not in the know, it addresses the stories of three black women in early 1960s NASA and the fights that they had to be treated as equals by the white men and women of the Space Program. I can't speak to the veracity of what was shown, but I believe that there is a very solid nugget of truth to it. Wonderful work.

Later in the week we burned through a couple of Netflix discs, one of which dealt with the Kentucky Derby which we'll have to experience someday, and the other of which was the last disc of season four of Boardwalk Empire. I look forward to starting season five (and final season) of this show about the years of the Prohibition and the rise of organized crime.

Saturday was devoted to the visit of our friends, the Lawrences, and their children. There was equine riding (both horses and the donkey were involved), cookie baking, and cheese waxing going on. Kevin and I built the new firepit (as the old one is cracking in unfortunate places and needs to be retired). The adults had good conversation about adult topics like politics and international relations while the childrens' eyes glazed over. Altogether a fun day for all. Even our canines benefited as their son couldn't stop feeding the pups all day...

Today I did something that you'd have thought that everyone in my generation would have done in the 70s. I walked in a protest march. There had been a call for folks to march in sympathy with the Standing Rock protests against an oil pipeline to cross reservation watershed. Other portions of the pipeline have already cracked and had spills. This is one of the projects that had been halted in the last year by the Obama Administration but has been greenlighted by President Trump. We didn't have time (or resources) to make any signs, but once we arrived we were grabbed to volunteer to help carry a large pipeline effigy along the march route. It opened and closed with Native American ceremonies and our path was blessed with the scent of burning sage. The police cleared the way for the some two thousand of us marching. Once we arrived at the Civic Center, we stayed for several speeches until my back started to give out.

Wandering back along our route we returned to the Grand Central Market for a late lunch. We were met there by Kaety and had a pleasant meal from Sticky Rice followed by dessert from McConnell's. Again, great conversation made the visit all the better. We dropped her off at her home on our way.

I am tuckered.
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As we work our way into the evening, I find myself ruminating on bits and pieces once again.

In this particular case, a question has come to my mind. Whatever happened to air raid sirens?

When I was a kid in Wisconsin, I remember that they were tested once a week, same day of the week at the same time each time so as not to panic people. Mind you, this was at the time that we were being trained to "Duck and Cover!" in response to the expected nuclear attacks that thank God never materialized. Yet.

Then when I was an adult, I remember driving through Wisconsin ahead of a storm and noticing that as we passed a golf course, there was an air raid siren playing. It turns out that we were driving just ahead of a tornado, staying well in front of it. Who knew?

Nowadays, though, I can't remember when I last heard one.

Whatever happened to them? Am I out of my mind, or are they all gone in the last forty years?