Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Let me begin with Friday night.

We went to the home of one of our Havurah friends for services. They weren't expecting us, and they were glad we'd come, so that was cool. Nice evening.

Then, Saturday morning, we piled out of the house early and drove to another friend's place to help them move. They've gotten a really cool apartment, and we joined about a dozen other people to get everything shifted. Lots of prep work, preloading and packing stuff made it all very easy. Once there, they ordered a pizza that appeared to be at least 36" in diameter!

Then we were off to Orccon, a gaming convention down by LAX. Dungeonmaster was putting on a show at the convention; we got there and though we couldn't find our contact ("I was in the basement!"), and he wasn't responding to phone calls and texts, but wearing our show shirts seemed to act like name badges, and we chatted with several people in the dealers' room. I found a copy of a game that we'd decided to purchase (The Princess Bride game: like Cards Against Humanity in structure, pretty amusing), and when a number of DM folk showed up hours early, we played a round of the game with them. Fun!

Once we hunted down our contact, we got set up and then had a chance to chat with folks. Some had no experience with it, and most of those hung out to see us; some had been to or in previous shows at gaming conventions, and were delighted we were back. One of our friends, Nicco, who we haven't seen in years turned up, and played. One of our cast is presently involved in a reality TV series, called King of the Nerds which is in its second season, and through him one of the cast of season one also showed up to play. Several members of the adventuring party were excellent on stage, and the show was terrific; folks who watched had a very good time.

We headed home pretty quickly afterwards because we'd had quite the day, and when we were almost to our exit, we came up on a car over on the right shoulder, and just as we were about to pass, a man stepped out next to the car, yelling at the driver's window, right in our lane/path...and we were blocked from swerving into the next lane by a car next to us. forestcats barely missed hitting him! Talk about adrenaline rush!

Today we have the season premiere of Dungeonmaster, so folks reading this should come out to the show! We're likely to have a lot of energy after such a well-received show last night! See you there!

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