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March 16th, 2014

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08:43 am
I've been rushed in the mornings for some time, and I really can't recall how far back I'd have to go to get caught up, so I'm just going to chat a bit about one thing or another that's happened in the last couple of weeks, and let it go for that.

About a week back, we had dinner with Molly; as it turns out, there weren't enough people attending her services (you know, the Havurah and Jewish stuff and all that), so she simply invited us over for a bite. Dinner was very pleasant and chatting for a couple of hours was relaxing. Delightful.

We've watched the entirety of the fourth season of Downton Abbey via Netflix discs; solid acting, melodrama of course, but the costuming is spectacular. I have no idea if they're going to take this all the way up to WWII and beyond, but I certainly am curious how they weather The Great Depression.

We went to Courtney's place Thursday night as soon as I was able to get home from work, and brought some goodies from Boston Market to share with the revelers. Xander had made it to the final four on King of the Nerds; unfortunately we missed the Eastern feed, and so I overheard someone mentioning that Xander had lost. To be honest, the crowd was rather noisy, and I couldn't hear a fair amount of what was said in the show. Still, it was fun to hang out, and we all thought that Xander had done very well throughout the season. Lots of airtime!

Dungeonmaster today! It should be a fun episode...should be lots of laughs!

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