Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Oy! The weekend!

Friday night and Saturday morning were devoted to various cleaning chores to prepare for the Carnivore's Feast, of course. Necessary work.

Starting at about 11AM Saturday, I took my post in front of the grill, and stayed there pretty much until sunset, cooking a variety of meats, hot dogs, and sausages. Heck, one of the partiers brought bacon-wrapped asparagus; I grilled all those, too (and they were apparently so good, they never made it to the table...folks grabbed them up as fast as they came off the grill! Great!). I'm pretty sure that we've never had so many folks attend; well over a hundred guests. The jumpy tent got a lot of use, there was some horseback riding, at least for a little while; lots of eating, lots of chatting. It was delightful to get the glimpses that I could of everyone having a good time.

As dark fell, a number of our friends pitched in to help us clean up. There were only bits and pieces of meat left; some side dishes; a bunch of bread, much of which was deliciously homemade. Lots of booze, some soft drinks.

I ache in several places; I have a burn on the left arm; my right armhair is nearly gone from a flareup on the grill. I feel wonderful about the day!

I didn't round on my hospital patients Saturday. I got another doctor to stop in and see them for me, which I appreciated. However, Sunday I had to do so. For the Dungeonmaster cast, I fired up the grill again to do two more London Broils which we loaded up to feed them. We all then went to the show. The party really did a good job on this episode, and that leaves us only one more show for the season in two weeks.

And the work week begins...

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