Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

So, yesterday my Nook, upon which I'd finished reading that Downie book the night before, had nearly discharged when I awoke, and so I had to leave it at home charging when I went to work, thereby opening up the possibility of actually reading an honest-to-God book. You know, with paper and whatnot?

Anyway, I read a short item called Pizza: A Global History. Now, this deals with the history of pizza, from its origin in Naples to its adoption in America and its standardization by companies like Pizza Hut. In fact, significant chapters go on and on about that very company. If I hadn't been aware of most of this foodstuff's history, I think I would have found this to be a quick and interesting read, but since I was, I didn't much care for it. There is an appendix of pizza recipes in the back, none of which look particularly enticing. Oh, and there's photographs, though not what I'd describe as enlightening. Meh.

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