Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I have a bit of time, so I really should type up a wide variety of stuff.

First, over the last few nights we've watched several things via Netflix streaming. This included Dear Mr. Watterson which dealt with Calvin & Hobbes, the comic strip, its effect on its readers, and a bit of history as well. Watterson didn't participate, but it was still quite interesting. Then we watched In Bruges, a crime dramedy; two killers from the UK hide out in Belgium and bad things happen. I actually found it refreshing for some reason. Finally, last night I put on One Day on Earth, something of a huge documentary process; film crews in dozens of countries around the world filmed on exactly the same day and the material was cobbled together to try to be thematic. It was a great try, but not really well-edited.

Saturday was the cast party of The Knights of Motley, the troupe who put on Dungeonmaster. My wife and I loaded up food and a couple of not yet constructed charcoal grills, and drove into the San Fernando Valley to a previously scouted park where we spent the next couple of hours building grills. No one else was early, but several folks showed up at the start time of noon, and we proceeded to have burgers, hot dogs, and some of the leftover meats from Carnivore's Feast. Other folks brought other stuff, and there was plenty of food. I hung out in the shade, just taking it easy, while a bunch of the cast roamed the fields with Nerf guns and blazed away at each other. As evening fell, we packed up, and several of us took the party to a local bar/grill, and had drinks and nibbles for a few more hours before we returned home. A very nice and very relaxing day.

Just to finish off this download of bits and pieces from my brain, I've also read a number of newly released comic books in the last few weeks. These include Dead Boy Detectives #6 which concluded one investigation and opened up another; Trees #1, a new Warren Ellis book which postulates the arrival of alien lifeforms that completely ignore mankind, and what effect that would have on us all; Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files: War Cry #1, a new adventure that takes place during the war between the White Council and the Red Court (IIRC) vampires not long after Harry becomes a Warden (for those of you who have read the books; I don't think that the TV series ever got far enough to introduce all these monsters); Moon Knight #4, a continuation of Warren Ellis' work on this particular title...I've found out that after #6, he's leaving this book, and so will I; Dream Police #2, JMS continues a very interesting title, as we learn a little more about the land of Dream as JMS envisions it, and leaves you wondering about more secrets...not every string is tied up at the end of this book, and more power to him!

I do and do not have plans for this day. I would like to build something in the den/kitchen island, but I suspect I shall end up just lazing about. We shall see...

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