Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

During my wee vacation, I did get a bit of reading done.

First was Cruise Ship S.O.S., an excellent, fictionalized biographical work by and about being a doctor aboard a cruise ship doing a round-the-world trip. Being a physician, and having gone on cruises, I found this a fascinating and enjoyable read.

Then, The Trojan Colt by Mike Resnick was next. This book follows the career of a private investigator from a previous book. In this one, he gets embroiled in a missing person mystery in Kentucky, associated with the horse world. Resnick is able to show off his knowledge of horse racing and the financial aspects thereof, and does it with finesse. Nice read.

Last night I then finished reading Osprey New Vanguard #10: Warrior: Mechanised Combat Vehicle 1987 – 1994. Not bad; obviously the authors are proud of the quality of this particular ACV. I didn't find the book all that engaging, though.

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