Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Work's been busy, and it has leaked into the weekend, but aside from that the first day of the weekend was really full.

We start with getting out pretty early to go to the herd share meeting. I usually don't attend, but because of issues that came up recently that I leave for forestcats to detail, if she cares to, I showed up partially to show the flag, and partially because I might be able to explain things more exactly. Anyway, my beloved turned over her duties as treasurer as her year was up, and she's all the happier for it.

I then took her to work with me. Poor thing.

Following a couple of hours of hospital duties, we stopped at a place called The Supreme Plate that serves po' boy sandwiches and other delectables from the South, and it was delicious. I had an oyster po' boy, and you can really tell when a restaurant changes their oil frequently; these guys clearly do. Yum...

Following a stop at home to feed our equine contingent, we then drove to Santa Clarita. What, again? Yes, but this time it was to go to see Shrek, the Musical. We met one of the Dungeonmaster cast there, but we were planning on seeing Kelly Boardman who played Fiona, a major role. She was terrific in the part. Once again, my wife and I aren't much for musicals, but when we know somebody in the cast...well, we have to see what's what!

On the drive back, it was raining. Really? 85 degrees and water falls from the sky. Once home, the cat Sven was hiding under my car, and definitely was complaining why we were allowing all that water to come irritate him. For once, he spent the night in the house...

Today, more work, then we go to help run Nerdfest at the Dungeonmaster venue. Our show in a truncated form will be part of the fun, but apparently it will only be one of many. We shall see what transpires!
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