Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

It's been busy the last few days/nights:

Thursday night we went out with the Weinsteins to have a bite of sushi and then to see The Hundred-foot Journey, a terrifically well-done movie that stirs me to describe it as a story about an Indian family from Mumbai who come to Europe (France) to seek the American Dream. Wonderful. Recommended. Seriously.

Then, Friday night we spent some time with the Ifergans; again out to eat, this time to a Tibetan place just opened in San Dimas (?Himalayan Cafe??); we really liked the food there, and even if there's a lot of overlap with Indian cuisine, there's also a number of dishes that we tried that were their own items. Very nice. Then it was back to Ness & Ella's home to sit and chat for what turned out to be hours. Relaxing, delightful.

Saturday, my beloved dragged me to Macy's as they were having a sale, and I stocked up on some clothing items. We made a few more stops for other things (cat food, for example, and then the ingredients for mushroom mousaka), and while I was out doing some work, forestcats cooked a dish for a potluck wedding reception. Then it was off to Pasadena to a tiny hidden winery on Foothill Blvd (Old Oak?), and we spent some time with a variety of our friends in the acting troupe. Among other things, we played Cave Troll, which was amusing, ate triangles of pastry that tasted strongly of rosewater, and watched folks dancing in new and exciting ways. A fun party, and health, happiness and joy to the Jonaya and Ryan!

I'll be on my way in a bit to do some more work...

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