Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

So we went to the gaming convention, and I wandered the dealers' room, like you do, and picked up a few Osprey books, as is my habit. I have to admit that I found myself irritated, because their stock wasn't in numeric order, the way they've always had it in the past, but I managed to dig up some books, anyway.

In any case, while I manned our own booth for the show, I got through a couple of the books I'd purchased.

First was Osprey Elite #201: The Carthaginians 6th - 2nd Century BC; it's not an era or force that I knew much about previously, since they were beaten and overshadowed by the Romans, but this book has some pretty solid information as well as the plates.

Then, Osprey Men-At-Arms #465: Brazilian Expeditionary Force in World War II: I'd played the Avalon Hill board wargame called Anzio, and one of the Allied units was a Brazilian division, so I knew that the South American country had been an active participant in European combat, but I'd never seen anything written about their exploits before, so I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one. Very cool.

I've another that I'll start later today, but that'll be for a future post.

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