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August 31st, 2014

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08:38 am
Yesterday, my beloved and I went to a hotel by LAX to assist in promoting Dungeonmaster, where the troupe was to put on two shows, one last night, and one today.

We got there WAY before anyone else from The Knights of Motley showed up, and we set up a table to use for pre-show recruiting of players for the adventure. Once in place, forestcats and I alternated who could wander the convention.

Lots of games/gamers were going on all over the convention spaces, and we also spent a little time (and a little money) in the dealers' room. At least two of the dealers are very supportive of the show, so we were warmly greeted there.

As the day wore on, the cast started to make their appearances; they'd meet up at the table with us, get their convention badges and some of the flyers, and they'd go out and paper the place.

When showtime came at 2100hrs, we had a nice crowd, and nine folks entered their names, half of wnich were children of various ages. The adventure was modified with some ideas from Jonathan, which seemed to add to the hilarity for the audience, so that was terrific. Clearly, folks had a good time.

We go back today for a show at 1700hrs; maybe we'll see some of you?

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Yesterday, my beloved and I went to a hotel by LAX to assist in… - This ain't no party, this ain't no disco... — LiveJournal

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