Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

We did quite a lot of driving yesterday. We had a brunch in Norco, en route to the Danza del Sol Winery in Temecula. You see, my beloved signed up for their wine club, which gives three bottles quarterly, but she neglected to arrange for shipping, as it was her intention for us to go down there each time to pick up the bottles at the winery, while haning out and relaxing. Once there, we did a tasting, modified the bottles we wanted from the ones that the winery would have sent us, and then hung out and drank a bottle of very good late harvest sauvignon blanc. Nice. We sat and read, and unwound. Beautiful.

Once we'd burned off the effects of the wine, we then headed to Alhambra. Why? Because when we'd had dinner the night before at Al's Italian Beef, we saw an advertisement for a Nancy's Pizza, one of the Chicago chains that sells stuffed pizza. Apparently, they'd opened their doors on the first one in SoCal on 8/25/14. So, we found the place, found parking, and ordered up. forestcats ordered one of their special pizzas, I got a pepperoni/mushroom/onion one.

The crust was great. The cheese was, too, but in mine (not in hers), there wasn't enough of it. In pizzas back in Illinois, mushrooms and onions would be chopped fine and mixed into the cheese, but here, they were chopped into chopstick size, so I'd get large pieces of onion or mushroom, or none at all. I think that'll be an area that they'll work on as they mature at this site. The other problem? They ran out of clean cutlery, and were giving us plastic forks and knives, and it was nearly impossible for that plastic knife to cut through the crust. In the end, I ate mine with my hands. So, not perfect, not bad for an inexperienced staff, worth another try in a couple of months.

And now, end time off, back to work, all the nursing homes to do, back on call. *Sigh*.
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