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September 11th, 2014

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08:28 am
It's been a while since I posted about any comics that I've read, so why not now?

First, we have Saga #22; disruptions are occuring in the various worlds. I wonder how they're all going to resolve?

Next was Letter 44 #9; the alien construct in the asteroid belt has activated, and opened fire on the human vessel that's investigating it. What next?

Then, The 7th Sword #4: not exactly Seven Samurai; there's betrayal (no surprise), and a love interest (less surprise), so what will our protagonist do? Come back next month and find out!

Next was Dream Police #4; the detective gets a strange visitor that leads to him taking his partner out to the edge of the dreamworld to try to regain contact with this visitor. I'm intrigued...

Then, Deep Gravity #2; the starship that was about to head out Earthbound is destroyed, can the few crew survivors be rescued?

Next, Jim butcher's The Dresden Files War Cry #4; I've got a bad feeling about this. I've used this critter on my D&D players before...

Then, Sidekick #8; talk about going over to the Dark Side...

Next, Usagi Yojimbo: Senso #2; H. G. Wells wouldn't have been able to write this one; what did he know about Japan?

Then, Shrapnel #1, 2, 3: these were in a stack of comics that I'd won. The artwork is muddy and hard to follow, the plotline is for the most part uninteresting, and the characters just don't gel for me. I won't be following this one. There's another three comics of another title that came in the winning package...I'm in no rush to try to read them.

Finally, Copperhead #1...it's a space Western. Really. Nice feel to it, too. I gave it a try, and I'll be continuing, at least for the time being.

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