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October 5th, 2014

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08:42 am
Yom Kippur is done once more for the year, and we did our Torah portions for the group.

For the break fast, forestcats purchased some bagels, but she also made some of her own from scratch, and though they weren't as fat as the store-bought, they were very tasty! I've already had two for today's breakfast...

When we finally got home, we puttered with Netflix. For one thing, we've been working our way through the Jeeves & Wooster series which has been fun. We also watched disc one season one of The 100...I'm of two minds about this one. Too many plot holes are bothering me to some extent, but we're still going on to the next disc to see if it sinks lower or not. Then we finished the night by streaming The Family with DeNiro a mobster in the Witness Protection Program in France but with especial attention to his family (wife, daughter and son). Pretty amusing piece of work.

The gentleman who attends Dungeonmaster and who often plays Scrunk, the ogre, onstage, apparently joined Goodreads and befriended me. While reviewing his books, I found that a number of books he'd posted as read were ones that I also had read, so it appears that the app posted a bunch of things...I didn't read all of that yesterday...just one of them.

Back to work today!

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