Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

forestcats made some astonishing cookies for yesterday's cookie exchange, and now I have many tins of cookies to distribute among the various nursing homes and hospitals. All homemade, everybody's contributions are appreciated, and I look forward to the piranha-like reactions of the staff at each venue when I arrive with the packages!

We had a wonderful time with everyone; it started with a bit of potluck, my beloved having made goulash over noodles that basically disappeared. She also broke out several of her cheeses, and they mostly disappeared as well.

Then we did the cookie cha-cha. All the cookies were spread out over tables, and each of us went marching around the table slowly filling our baskets until the plate we'd started at was empty. In the end, we had hundreds of cookies of various sorts to share out, from gingersnaps to peppermint-flavored; a special pumpkin one to double chocolate. It's an outstanding variety of cookies, and I have no doubt that each gift package will be memorable.

Thanks for you all participating! We love to make it possible, and look forward to next year's!

Oh, and the Tempranillo wine that I opened was delicious!

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