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December 14th, 2014

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10:42 am
If only I'd been sick in bed, and not sleeping, I probably could have finished two or more books above and beyond these:

First was another David Drake novel in the Leary series, The Sea Without a Shore, which I found to be a pretty good read. I've enjoyed the series thus far; it reminds me of an SF take on Patrick O'Brian's novels of the Napoleonic Wars at sea. I'd say that the whole series is worth reading...but I'm not sure how well this novel stands alone.

Second, someone, sometime suggest that I read a couple of graphic novels, and so I picked up Phonogram Volume 1: Rue Britannia. I found it a bit hard to follow, and it expects a knowledge of music of the last half century at its core. The artwork was meh, as well. However, it did grow on me a bit, and I think I'll try the second graphic novel and see where it takes me.

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