Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Due to being on call limiting our activities, we spent last evening at home; Netflix got a workout.

First, we ran a DVD called Mr. Peabody & Sherman. Very cute Dreamworks animated flick based on the old cartoons from the 60s. A genius dog adopts a boy and shows him history via time travel in his Wayback Machine. It was done very well.

Then, we streamed To Be Takei, a biography of George Takei, known for many things, but in my mind mostly for being the helmsman on ST:TOS. Not bad, not too much new revelations. I think the primary point was to deal with his having been one of the Japanese-Americans interned during WWII. Not as enjoyable as the former movie, but not meant to be as amusing, either.

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