Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

We can never do just one thing in a day. Never.

We open our Sunday by going to the synagogue that we left years ago. Why? Well, the rabbi that I couldn't stand is gone now, and the congregation is interviewing rabbis. So this fellow from a shul in NJ came into town for the weekend, and had a short lecture followed by a Q&A in the social hall with food. We liked the guy. We met up with several folks we knew at the house of worship, and then moved on.

From there I drove us to Temecula. We are members of the Danza del Sol Winery Wine Club, but instead of having the bottles shipped to us, we're supposed to go down there quarterly and pick them up. This time, we got two shipments' worth; we haven't had the time to get down there. While there, our friends from Escondido, the Friedmans, drove up and hung out with us at the winery. Danza del Sol's tasting room has a beautiful patio, and it was a lovely day to just sit, chat, and sip wine. It was great to see them!

Later, I used up a gift card at Outback in Upland for dinner. Food was acceptable, service wasn't. Oh, well.

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